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Yaseen Khan

Personal Trainer/ Boxing Coach.

How about ALL in one. I’m Yaseen Khan & I'm here to support you accomplish ANY fitness goal you have whether its Gaining Muscle, Losing FAT or Learning Self-Defence at the price of your commitment, I can help you achieve your long-term goals in a short-term time. Remember “Before you become a master you must be the student.” & that’s one of the million reasons why you need me as your Personal Trainer because I will be your guide directing you on what to do when to do & how to do. I’m different than any Personal Trainer you’ve come across because I practice what I preach as I’m Actively boxing daily & currently in competition. I’ve worked with men, women, kids, elderly people & currently coaching Teens with my Boxing Coach in a private club. There’s no age to make progress, forget about yesterday because it’s gone & forget about tomorrow because it never comes, you only have TODAY. Take my card and number & contact me I will happily be part of your journey & help you succeed.


Instagram: Yaseen_p90

Specialist Areas

  • Persistent motivation
  • Weight loss
  • Boxing


Personal Trainer 

Boxing Coach 

Sport Massage