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PureGym Personal Training Course

Helping you turn your passion into a career

Find out more about The PureGym Personal Training Academy, and hear from some of the team about the unrivalled training and support we offer.

Career Diploma Package

Earn two qualifications in just one course!

We've designed this online personal training course for those who want to become a PT and start building a career in Health and Fitness but do not have any qualifications yet. Our Career Diploma Package will provide you with all the essential skills and qualifications to become your own boss, fast-track your career and start to change people's lives.
Gym instructing level 2 and personal training level 3

Unrivalled Industry Support

  • 14 week course helping you fast-track your career
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification
  • Level 3 Personal Training Qualification
  • Guaranteed role (subject to successful interview) after graduating^
  • Nationally recognised qualification
  • Dedicated online learning platform - learn anytime, anywhere
  • Daily course support from experienced tutors
  • Free gym membership (choose from 280+ gyms)
  • Access to MYPTZONE, our exclusive digital PT Support platform once qualified
  • Ongoing weekly business support from industry leading PT business experts
  • Ongoing careers guidance to help support your entry into the fitness industry
  • Free advanced qualifications available after you graduate
  • Career pathway with opportunities to develop into a management role
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The course curriculum

  • Within this Unit you will be learning how to understand the responsibilities associated with professional practice as a Gym Instructor. This is inclusive of how to conduct routine maintenance. Carrying out safe and effective client consultations, assessments, and inductions, then using that information for planning, tailoring, monitoring and the review of safe and effective gym-based exercise programmes for a range of clients within scope of practice. 

  • This Unit will allow you to understand how to engage with customers to maximum effect to ensure a positive and professional level of client care.

  • Understanding how to engage clients through healthy lifestyle choices using motivational techniques and an ability to create a level of understanding of what this means is what is covered here.

  • Being able to understand the human body and its workings inclusive of joints, skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous, and energy systems. Supporting good practice and preventing injury through effective gym-based exercise programming.

  • Understand effective gym-based exercise training methods and techniques to then be able to effectively gym-based demonstration and supervision.

  • This unit is focused around being able to behave professionally to ensure duty of care and maximise the customer experience. Contributing safely and effectively to routine gym facility and equipment maintenance. Conducting safe and effective client consultations, assessments, and inductions to support adherence to a healthy lifestyle whilst maintaining client motivation. Planning safe and effective gym-based sessions and programmes. Being able to demonstrate safe and effective gym-based exercise technique and supervising performance using client observations, monitoring and engagement. Following on from this, being able to then review the effectiveness of gym-based exercise programmes and provide appropriate adaptations.

  • This unit focuses on being able to understand the responsibilities associated with professional practice and the impact of professionally interacting using effective communication. Having the skills to understand the client consultation, assessment, and review process. Being able to set and adapt meaningful SMART goals linked to client’s individual needs, wants and motivators. Then using that information to design and tailor exercise programmes for a range of clients within scope of practice.

  • This Unit includes creating an understanding of how to educate clients on the components of a healthy lifestyle. Understanding psychological theory, factors and motivational techniques that can influence positive behaviour change.

  • Understanding health conditions, screening, risk stratification and signposting to ensure safe practice whilst remaining within the professional role and scope of practice when offering health and wellbeing advice is the focus within this unit.

  • Being able to understand the principles of nutrition and how to educate and motivate through nutritional strategies relevant to the individuals needs. As well as understanding effective application of nutritional assessment tools.

  • Within this Unit, the learning outcomes will be to understand the classification, structure and function of bones, joints, muscles, biological and energy systems, and the effects of exercise on them. Alongside this understanding applied biomechanics, posture, and kinesiology the effects of exercise.

  • Understand a range of fitness training techniques as well as how to observe and monitor clients during sessions to maintain safety and effectiveness of exercise.

  • Being able to ensure responsibility and professional duty of care to clients to then interact and communicate in a professional manner. Being able to incorporate technology to ensure effective practice. Conducting effective client consultations and assessment. Using this information to plan an effective programme and associated sessions. Delivering an effective lifestyle, health, wellbeing, and nutrition intervention. Instructing effective exercise technique to then observe and monitor clients during the session to ensure safety and effectiveness. Following on from this being able to review sessions and programming to ensure effective client intervention.

  • The final unit will be focusing on understanding business acumen required to successfully deploy a personal training enterprise and the impact of technology on personal training operations.

Why should you study at our academy?


Our course has been created for those who are passionate about helping people to live healthier lives, but do not have any qualifications yet. We’re committed to helping you to earn a qualification and a build a career in an environment where you can really make a difference!


We’ve created a dedicated online learning platform so you can study anytime, anywhere. We've been helping Personal Trainers to build successful careers for over 10 years and our comprehensive Academy course modules will ensure that you receive all the essential skills and qualifications required to hit the ground running. 


Our Academy Diploma is endorsed by The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA), accredited by Transcend Awards and regulated by Ofqual. As such, this is fully recognised by all fitness industry employers and professionals.


Our Academy promise is that you can turn your passion into a career, with a guaranteed role^, unrivalled PT Business Support and free access to MyPTZone. After you graduate, you will receive ongoing support, including free access to study Business Qualifications certified by Active IQ. Many of the PTs at PureGym progress into management roles. 


Helping Personal Trainers build successful careers for over 10 years.

Although PureGym Personal Training Academy has recently been founded, PureGym's PT Business Support has been helping thousands of people to build successful careers for over 10 years.

Hear from some Personal Trainers at PureGym about their experience with our ongoing PT Business Support and what you can expect after you graduate with our Academy:

*Based on average to good credit rating and over a term of 60 months.

^Terms and conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The aim of the qualification is to develop the learner’s ability to fulfil the roles of gym instructor and personal trainer capable of engaging behaviour change.  As a gym instructor qualification is an established pre-requisite to assuming the role of a personal trainer, this qualification has combined both positions to allow a simple transition to Personal Trainer status and an appropriate progression route towards building a PT business and supporting the fitness journeys of clients on a 1:1 basis.

  • The Diploma is fully accredited by CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) to the highest industry standard. It is accredited by Transcend Awards and regulated by Ofqual and therefore fully recognised by all fitness industry employers and professionals.

  • There is no requirement of previous qualification to be eligible to register for the course. We would recommend having experience of training within a gym environment, a passion for helping people and a genuine desire for working in the health and fitness sector.

  • Our Diploma has been designed to be completed over 14 weeks. This is inclusive of the Level 2 Gym Instructing qualification. The level 3 Personal Training qualification and the additional modules to support in achieving a guaranteed role with PureGym at the end of the student journey.

  • Following successful completion of all elements of the student journey and course, you would join PureGym within a PT/FC capacity. There will be further support as you look to build your Personal Training business as part of our additional accreditations including the Foundations Business Award, the Advanced Business Award and the Business Coach Award.

  • The course cost is £1,699 and can be paid using a range of methods. This includes paying in full upfront.

    There is a buy now, pay later option, this requires a 10% minimum deposit payment followed by monthly payments over the period selected of either 6, 9, 12 or 18 months. This includes interest over the period of time selected

    Also a full finance option that can be taken based off of a full-credit check. The length of time and amount of interest charged is subject to the credit check findings.

  • PT earnings vary based off of a number of factors. This can include:

    • The level of the service provided by the PT in line with a clients wants and needs.
    • The chosen number of clients onboard at any given time
    • The range of services and products the PT has developed and is able to effectively market.

    The average hourly rate charged by Personal Trainers is £30-£35. The industry average earnings of a start PT is £16k annually with fully fledged PTs averaging between £25-£60k p/a.

  • No. It is a legal requirement to hold relevant competency when working with clients. This is also necessary to be eligible for coverage by insurance providers.

  • The course length is scheduled over 12 weeks and requires 20 hours of study time each week.

  • In order to be a PT you would be required to have obtained as a minimum a Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing and a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.