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Leah Cottam

Hey! Do you want to feel confident coming to the gym and strong in your training?


Have you always wished you could make the gym a positive space to be in and a consistent part of your life?


My name is Leah and I’ve spent the past few years supporting people to do just this through both in person and online coaching. 


Specifically, I coach people to build their experience and skill with strength training. This helps to develop a positive relationship with your body and shows what you're capable of. 


It’s completely understandable to be nervous about a new environment and a seemingly large journey to start on. We tackle it together with a mix of unrelenting support from me and the willingness to take that first step from you!


There are 3 options to suit wherever you’re at: 


  • 4-Week Confidence Kickstarter Package
  • 1-1 In Person Coaching
  • Online Programming 


We can book a free chat anytime to talk any of the options through, feel free to either email me at: or send me a DM on Instagram @cottamcoaching!


If you’re about in the gym, come say hi and shoot me a question anytime!

Specialist Areas

  • Body confidence
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Strength and conditioning


Certified Level 2 - Gym Instructor

Certified Level 3 - Personal Trainer