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Kyle Lynch

You've probably seen me about, training, with clients, or on
shift and taking classes. Like you, I'm on my own health
and fitness journey, I have goals, challenges, and obstacles
to overcome. I've been training on and off for 9 years,
however, most of that time was spent making mistakes.
I would do whatever it took to reach my destination, fad
diets, starving myself, 2 workouts a day, and countless
other mistakes. I burnt out, I destroyed my body, my
confidence, mental health, my relationship with food, and
my self-image.
I was extremely unhealthy, my mindset, actions, and habits
had to change.
I had to change, and I had to do it for ME!
To ReKalibrate, means to adjust, to realign yourself
with what is important and authentic to you.
Your goals, confidence, wellbeing and health- that
is what truly matters.
"Your body is an instrument, not an ornament"
You are more than how you look.
How you FEEL, how you THINK and how you ACT,
will determine how you LIVE.
There's 4 questions that I need you to ask yourself:
WHAT do you want?
WHY do you want it?
HOW will you get it?
Are you READY?

Specialist Areas

  • Body confidence
  • Functional specialist
  • Special populations
  • Weight loss


-Mental Health and Exercise
-Level 3 Personal Trainer
-Level 2 Fitness Instructor
-First Aid at Work