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Kettlebell Full Body Workout


One piece of kit we’ve definitely missed during lockdown are kettlebells.

Kettlebells are a fan favourite, and we can understand why. They’re a versatile bit of kit that pack the same punch as dumbbells but are often easier to get your hands on in a busy gym.

This workout is an awesome full body workout designed with our new dedicated workout grids in mind. Grab yourself a kettlebell and let’s get going.

1. Kettlebell Sumo: 20 reps x 3 sets

  • Start by positioning the feet in a wide stance squat position
  • Rotate the feet slightly outwards and complete one squat, followed by two squat pulses.
  • Hold the kettlebell close to the midline, and avoid bringing it away from the body
  • Make sure that the knees are tracking over the toes, so they don’t cave in
  • Keep the abs braced and sit nice and tall throughout

Kettlebell Single Arm Swings: 20 reps x 3 sets

  • Grip the kettlebell side on, hooking the thumb around the handle to keep it nice and secure
  • Hinge at the hips and move the kettlebell between your legs
  • Squeeze the glutes and drive the kettlebell forward with the hips to gain momentum
  • Keep the working arm tight to the body and don’t excessively over swing

Kettlebell Side Lunges: 20 reps x 3 sets

  • Front load the body with the kettlebell at the chest, keeping it nice and close to the body and the elbows tucked down
  • Step out to the right into a lateral lunge position, sitting back and down into the hips
  • Once stabilised use your glutes and working leg to drive back up into the standing position
  • Make sure your knee doesn’t come over your toe throughout the movement
  • Complete the rep range on one side first, and then switch to the other side

Kettlebell Press and Overhead Tricep Extension: 20 reps x 3 sets

  • Bring the kettlebell up to the chest, and then drive above the head into a press position
  • Bend the elbows bringing the kettlebell back behind the head into the tricep overhead extension position
  • From here use the triceps to drive the kettlebell back overhead into the press position and then back down to the press.
  • Keep the core braced throughout and a neutral spine with the hips aligned with the shoulders

V-Sit Russian Twist Combo: 40 secs x 3 sets

  • Keep the kettlebell nice and close to the midline, resting securely against the chest
  • Bring the feet off the floor, bend at the knee and flex the feet up towards the ceiling
  • Complete one Russian twist on each side, aiming to control the twist and isolate it through the core rather than the whole body
  • From there extend the legs out and then back into that v-sit position
  • Keep the core braced and the head lifted throughout

Kettlebell Plank Drag Throughs: 40 secs x 3 sets

  • Bring yourself down into a high plank position, keeping your hands underneath the shoulders for stability
  • Keep the core braced and engaged throughout
  • With the kettlebell placed at one side of the body in line with the chest, use the opposite arm drag the kettlebell through
  • Try to keep your body as stable as possible and avoid twisting or lifting the hips

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