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How to overcome a fitness plateau


Hitting a fitness plateau can be frustrating (we know!) and in many cases, it's inevitably going to happen at some point in your journey. The important thing is to avoid feeling discouraged and instead focus on know how to move on and overcome it. To help you with just that, here are top tips from PureGym Insider @peterpuregym to help you get over the hurdle and back on track to smashing your fitness goals!

  • Try to focus on quality over quantity. You can do this breaking down the exercises you normally do in your training and focus on what you can do better. Making small adjustments in your workouts can result in big changes over time. Give examples.
  • Adjust your training systems (incorporate drop sets, supersets,increase the number of reps performed, decrease rest time, increase the amount of weight lifted)
  • Adjust your mindset - instead of feeling defeated, remind yourself of how far you’ve come on your journey
  • Adjust your diet (you might find you need to eat more or less, or review where you’re getting most of your food sources eg. identifying when you can eat more fresh food instead of packaged food)
  • Don’t forget to have fun with your training and you will naturally progress and see change

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