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Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

Equality and Fairness at PureGym

At PureGym we believe in fairness and equality for our people. We have a healthy gender balance, and while gender pay gap reporting focuses on males and females only, we are confident to report that equal pay for equal work is in place for all staff – male, female and team members identifying in another way.

In 2017 we started to focus on improving gender balance across the business, and with positive actions, additions of senior female role models and enhanced benefits we have continually seen an improvement in the balance.

In 2020 we adjusted our resourcing model to employ around 2000 fitness coaches in our gyms. The role of a fitness coach in our industry has historically been attractive to more men than women, which is mirrored in the typical gender balance of our member base.

Across the PureGym business in the UK, the total gender position is:

  • 1076 Female - 34%
  • 2048 Male - 65%
  • 8 Others - 1% (** Actual number declared as ‘other’ in voluntary reporting is 0.25% of the total staff base)

Gender pay gap is different to equal pay

Gender pay is the difference of the average pay for women compared to the average pay to men reported as a percentage of the difference.

Equal pay is the expectation that people earn the same pay for performing the same work of equal value.

PureGym Pay Gap

In 2021, PureGym’s mean gender pay gap is 13.5% and the median is 5.5%.  The gap is due to having fewer women in our higher and most senior roles. We are pleased to report that the median pay gap has improved by 3.8% from 2018.

In 2020 the median and mean pay gaps were in minus figures because of the impact of furlough and voluntary reduced pay on the ‘relevant group’ that the report is completed on. The ‘relevant group’ is dictated by the government guidelines for reporting on gender pay gaps and excludes anyone who is not paid their ‘normal pay’ on the reporting sample date. As a closed industry on the 2020 reporting date, all data for this period is abnormal.

PureGym pay quartiles

With more men in more senior roles, there are more men in the upper pay quartiles than women. This differential is something that remains a focus for the management team as further growth and development opportunities become available over the coming years.

Bonus pay

The definition of bonus within the reporting guidelines is broad. At PureGym we operate a performance related bonus scheme, along with other ad-hoc benefits or ‘magic’ moments.  These can include length of service awards, gratitude awards or in 2020 a Christmas gesture.

In 2021, the Median bonus pay is 0% and the Mean bonus pay in PureGym is 7.3%.

88% of women and 90% of men received a bonus in 2021.

Eve Sukhnandan, Group Chief People Officer


Eve Sukhnandan, Group Chief People Officer

Humphrey Cobbold, CEO

Humphrey Cobbold, CEO