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The PureGym Group has donated £100,000 to Save the Children in support of their DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, which will provide urgent help accessing water, shelter, and food, and could support the running costs of 12 hospitals for six months.

We will also match our colleagues, partners, and members up to £50,000 through the shared donation link below. Together we can help children caught up in this crisis believe that a better future is possible.

The PureGym Group stands for peace, and we condemn the appalling atrocities happening to the innocent people of Ukraine.

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For children in Ukraine, this is an incredibly scary and uncertain time. According to the latest reports, up to 10 children have already lost their lives in the fighting. Over the past few days, families have been sheltering in basements and underground stations to stay safe.

Amid freezing temperatures, power cuts and food shortages, families are struggling to survive and have fled their homes. Children have to leave behind loved ones, friends and everything they have. Already, more than 2,000,000 people have crossed into nearby countries – and more are on their way.

These are desperate times. But alongside the horror and heartbreak on the nightly TV news, we’ve also seen children and families’ remarkable bravery and resilience. Now, it’s vital they get the help they need.