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Jess Williams

Thank you for having the courage to take this first very important step.    I am here to support you in any way I can and look forward to working with you.

I have been training for 10+ years.  I used to weigh 21 stone (133kg) and wore size 28 clothes.  I had never been to a gym before.  Luckily, I met an incredible personal trainer who helped me lose 8 stone in 12 months.  I went on to train at one of the best strength gyms in the UK and gained a love for the squat/deadlift.  I have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the best Personal Trainers & Coaches in the UK.

I have a passion for helping people achieve things they never thought they could do; discover the joy of lifting weights, as opposed to running on a treadmill; develop a new found confidence; a love of training/fitness and feeling better about themselves in general.

Do you?:

  • Want to feel better about yourself? More confident? Wear new clothes?  Enjoy appearing in photos?  Feel proud of what you see in the mirror?
  • Feel determined to change, but don’t necessarily know how to get there?
  • Feel fed up of doing the same thing again and again?
  • Have difficulty finding time to exercise?
  • Have low self-confidence, low energy or no motivation?
  • Struggle with your sleep or experience high stress levels?
  • Struggle to ‘stick’ to your ‘diet’?

I get you.  I have experienced all of the above myself and will help you learn from my successes and failures, with a wide range of tools, tips, tricks and techniques to ensure you succeed in the long term.

Together we will devise a bespoke plan so that you love your training, know exactly what to do in the gym, and eat in a way that is sustainable and tailored to you, so you do not feel restricted.  We will find that inner fire to help you smash your goals and become unstoppable!

Contact me today for a free consultation to discuss your transformation/ fitness journey.  Let’s do this!

Specialist Areas

  • Bespoke plan
  • Body confidence
  • Body fat reduction
  • Muscle tone and development
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Persistent motivation
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Weight loss


  • Level 3 NASM Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructing
  • NASM Confidence & Motivation
  • Masters Level PGCE / Qualified Teacher
  • DTS Level 1 (Student)
  • Seminars with Tom Martin, Boris Sheiko, Dan Green, Andy Bolton & Charles Poliquin.