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Bri Joseph

I've always been driven by a passion for health and fitness, and now, as a personal trainer at Puregym, I channel that passion to help others discover their untapped potential. With my academic foundation in sport and exercise science, I firmly believe in the power of focused training, a sustainable, balanced diet, and a positive mindset. It's my mission to be the guiding light for anyone looking to transform their fitness journey.


Outside of the gym, my love for sports finds its expression on the badminton court. I take pride in playing competitively and my hard work led me to represent Wales a couple years ago. This blend of academic insight and athletic experience allows me to bring a well-rounded, holistic approach to training.


At the core of my philosophy is an unwavering commitment to you, my client. I believe in constantly moving forward, infusing each session with positivity, and adapting the training to suit your unique goals. Whether you're chasing a big dream or a small milestone, I want to ensure you enjoy every step of the journey. 


If you have any questions or need guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here for you every step of the way.


Specialist Areas

  • Body fat reduction
  • Pre and post natal
  • Sport specific training
  • Weight loss


Level 2 Class Instructor

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Pre & Post Natal

Nutrition Advisor

Sports Massage Therapist 

Degree in sport and exercise science